Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Cloaking Device

Scientist are working on a fabric that can make anything or anyone invisible that it covers. Since it's first demonstrated in 2006 by a team of Duke University engineers, they have made great progress with algorithms.

"The difference between the original device and the latest model is like night and day," Smith said. "The new device can cloak a much wider spectrum of waves — nearly limitless — and will scale far more easily to infrared and visible light. The approach we used should help us expand and improve our abilities to cloak different types of waves."

The cloaking device bends electromagnetic waves to make it appear as if it's not there, similar to mirages.

"You see what looks like water hovering over the road, but it is in reality a reflection from the sky," Smith explained. "In that example, the mirage you see is cloaking the road below. In effect, we are creating an engineered mirage with this latest cloak design."

Their newest cloak is 20m inches by 4 inches and less then an inch high and made out of over 10,000 pieces of fiberglass.

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